Spirit Line Pottery - Contemporary Ceramics
2019 Wholesale Orchid Pots
Unglazed O-Pots
Stoneware O-Pots w/ trace clear matte glaze 
Hydration Trays

Orchid Pot, O-Pot, raku is the new terracottaOrchid Pottery, Spirit Line Pottery

Traditional Hydration Tray

Organic Hydration Tray

Spirit Line Pottery has wholesale lots for the Greater Seattle area.

If you'd like to carry our pots in your retail store please contact:
For price sheets and product details

Orders include tax and free local delivery to Seattle/King County
 With minimum order of 12 pots (mixed lots OK)

Un-Glazed Stoneware O-Pots

           DARK RED STONEWARE                                 CHARCOAL RAKU O-POTS  

Orchid Pots, O-Pots, raku is the new terracottaOrchid Pot, O-Pots, the new terracotta