Spirit Line Pottery - Contemporary Ceramics
Limited Warranty

We ship and insure all products via FedEx Ground. To validate limited warranty for breakage during shipping:

1.) Contact us by email within 7-business days to confirm shipment has been received. Attach 3 small file photos: box, breakage, and label.

2.) We file the necessary paperwork with FedEx Ground, and replace the damaged item(s) at no additional charge.


Our pottery is primitive, heavy and thick. To avoid placement issues, measure the space you keep the plants before ordering, or contact us prior to ordering for a free consultation. 

PLEASE measure grow space before ordering.
Please add 2" to your calculation to allow for handmade variations.

WE DO SPECIAL ORDERS WITH a 50% deposit on the commission. Please email Kate@spiritlinepottery.com and include your name, phone and measurements/photos/sketches before payment.
Customers are responsible for space requirements and knowledge of their orchid species before ordering. All products conform to the standards, photos, & dimensions listed on the ordering pages. Color values vary online. For more details refer to product description on website, or contact us for specific color questions. 

Allow 2" extra width/height to allow slight variations in hand-made ceramics.

The owners of Spirit Line Pottery assume no responsibility for any positive or negative issues occurring as a result of using their products. The grower is sole owner of success/failure. Please see feedback.

Spirit Line Pottery assumes no responsibility for repairs or modifications made  by customers after receiving products.