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Double Happiness Vase, Visiting Soundgarden
From the new series: 'Seattle Tour' Glazed red stoneware, 9" x 5"
Price: $250.00
Double Happiness Vase, Alki Beach
Double Happiness Vase from the new series: 'Seattle Tour'. Matte raku ceramic, 12" x 4"
Price: $250.00
Double Happiness Vase, 'Soundgarden'
From the new series: ' Seattle Tour'. Walnut-brown metallic satin glaze on textured brown stoneware. 9"x 6"
Price: $250.00
Double Happiness Vase, Queen Anne Counterbalance
Double Happiness Vase, 'Queen Anne Counterbalance' From the new series: 'Seattle Tour'. Matte raku ceramic, 14" x 9"
Price: $250.00
Double Happiness Vase, 4
Rust-red distressed satin glaze on warm brown stoneware. 16" x 6"
Price: $250.00
Double Happiness Vase, 7
Stoneware with honey-brown satin glaze. 14" x 8"
Price: $250.00
Large Organic Bowl
Inspired by Georgia O'Keefe. Food-safe glaze on buff stoneware makes this organic styled bowl a useful addition to home or office. 14" x 4"
Price: $150.00
Organic Style Vase, 'Gasworks Park'
Organic Style vase 'Gasworks Park', from the new series: 'Seattle Tour'. Stoneware with clear matte exterior and sky blue interior glaze. 9" x 7"
Price: $250.00
Raku Enso onTextile Panel
Raku ceramic on handwoven textile panel with silver sheen. free shipping. 24 x 24" x 1"
Price: $250.00
Stoneware Enso, Lincoln Park Stairs
From the new series: 'Seattle Tour'. Waxed stoneware on silk sextile panel. 24" x 17"
Price: $250.00